About the artist

I am a born and raised New Yorker who loves capturing the ephemeral beauty of skies, clouds, water and light. I have a particular passion for photographing clouds and the limitless space they inhabit, both above us and around us. I hope you enjoy my photos of New York City and the other incredible places I have traveled.

I was educated at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Barnard College, Columbia University. I live in New York City with my husband and son. I feel fortunate to live in such an incredible city, which happens to have some of the most beautiful sunsets, ever! 

In the description of most of my photos I share the exact time and date they were taken. I’m fascinated by the significance we sometimes see in numbers. I’ve always paid attention to number patterns, particularly when it comes to dates and times, because at times they hold meaning for me. In case a particular photograph speaks to you, a special kind of synchronicity is created if the numbers in the time and/or date the photo was taken, speak to you as well :)